ECMWF was created by a Convention that came into force on 1 November 1975 and was amended on 6 June 2010.

The governing bodies are the Council, the Director-General, and the Council’s advisory committees, whose functions are defined in the Convention.

ECMWF governance in 2021

Council President:
Dr Daniel Gellens, Director of Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

Council Vice-President:
Prof. Penny Endersby, Chief Executive of UK Met Office

Dr Florence Rabier

Finance Committee Chair:
Dr Gisela Seuffert, Germany

Policy Advisory Committee Chair:
Mr Eoin Moran, Ireland

Technical Advisory Committee Chair:
Dr Philippe Steiner, Switzerland

Advisory Committee of Co-operating States Chair:
Mr Nir Stav, Israel

Advisory Committee for Data Policy Chair:
Mr Paolo Capizzi, Italy

Scientific Advisory Committee:
Dr Inger-Lise Frogner (Chair)
Dr Susanna Corti
Dr Henk Eskes
Dr Alain Joly
Prof. Dr Thomas Jung
Prof. Eigil Kaas
Dr Christina Köpken-Watts
Dr Chiara Piccolo
Prof. Pier Siebesma
Prof. Gunilla Svensson
Dr Isabel Trigo
Dr Anthony Weaver

How we work Organisation of ECMWF at June 2022